SWP Concrete solutions headwall range is an easy to choose and select method of end connection for pipes, box culverts and channelled water courses.

Our range is simplified for ease of selection for all cases.

Using our flexible moulds we are able to adjust heights and widths to alter our standard range to suit most requirements.

  • Prefabricated off site
  • Fast & easy to install
  • Value Engineered solution
  • Flexible range
  • Improvement to flow of water into/out of connection pipework.
  • Protection for embankments from erosion
  • Factory fitted with a range of accessories
  • No on site formwork required
  • Pipe, Culvert opening can be specified to match site requirements
  • Pipe, Culvert opening invert levels will match site requirements.
  • Provides embankment stability
  • Manufactured to latest codes for durability
  • Headwall toes can be manufactured to suit on site requirements.



Small Headwall


Small Headwall grates & hand rails


Small Headwall


Medium Headwall

newtown headwall 1

Medium Headwall with baffles


Bespoke Headwalls with wingwalls


Adjustable sidewall and backwall heights


Channel style headwall/wingwalls